Heavy Duty Power Rack Squat Cage Home Gym – SmartFit P3

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STABLE CONSTRUCTION: 700kgs of real weight capacity 50 x70 steel frame ensures a stable construction for years of use.

STANDARD ACCESSORIES:Solid steel chrome pull up bar, lat bar and low row curl bar and 4 weight holder bars.

10 EXTRA ACCESSORIES FOR FREE: 2 safety bars, 4 solid steel chrome adjustable weight bar supports, 2 dip handles, 2 clip collars and 2 adaptor sleeves for Olympic plates.
HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: 17 variable positions for bar supports.

HIGH AND LOW PULLEYS: The high and low pulleys offer a wide range of upper and lower body exercises for a strong and confident physique. Build up your chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, and abdomen using the cable pulleys to target all muscles.

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Over 700 kgs weight capacity. 50 x 70 steel frame construction make this power rack super solid. You can do dips with our free dip handles and 2 free adaptor sleeves make it compatible with 2 inch Olympic plates (original sleeves for 1″ standard plates). 2 extra bar catchers included for immediate use. 21 variable positions for bar supports. Additionally, the Lat Pull Down and Low Row Cable attachment is a great add-on for building your upper back, shoulders and arms muscles.

  • Recommended Max Weight:
  • 700kg if using the bar catchers outside of the cage
  • 700kg if using the bar catchers inside the cage
  • 350kg for dip handles
  • 300kg for pull up bar
  • Product Weights: 108kg

Product Size

Box 1: 145x16x43 40kg

Box 2: 215x15x28 25kg

Box 3: 215x18x35 43kg

2 reviews for Heavy Duty Power Rack Squat Cage Home Gym – SmartFit P3

  1. South to the Future

    Cage is awesome. Bought both benches too. SmartFit equipment is top notch, heavy duty equipment at a reasonable price. I don’t have the cage bolted down and it still doesn’t move at all. Was simple as can be to put together. Safety bars are great and are actually useful since dip bars hook to them. They are great for rack pulls as well unlike the skinny pole safety bars that bend at anything over 315. Mine came with the pulley attachment which is awesome. High and low pulleys provide you with alot of extra exercises that you can do vs a normal cage. I was hesitant to buy a home use pulley system bc most of them arent smooth and perform like crap but this one i use every workout same quality as any la fitness pulleys. All in all I think this cage was a steal and I’m very happy with my purchase! I would def recommend.

  2. Dantee Borho

    well packaged, well built, well thought out
    I have owned free weight and cable systems for 30 years and I just picked this up to replace an aging half cage with upper and lower cables.just to give you a little background, I also have been in design and manufacturing as well as metal fabrication for almost 40 years. this unit impressed me.

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