SmartFit M1 Multi Functional Training Smith Machine Home Gym Power Rack Machine with attachment



Multi Functional Trainer / Smith Machine & Squat Rack

This Multi Functional Trainer / Smith Machine & Squat Rack is the ultimate all in one trainer. It has combined a functional trainer with a counter-balanced commercial smith barbell added a squat rack with spotter arms and designed a clever pulley system all in one compact amazing machine.


– Functional trainer with all cable attachments

Key Benefits

– Linear bearing commercial smith machine with solid steel barbell and diamond cut machined knurl for a firm grip

– Functional trainer adjustable dual pulley system with commercial sealed bearing pulleys

– Seated Row station

– Multi-grip pull up bar with rubber and ring for resistance band assisted pull-ups

– Plate loaded machine with a maximum 95kg capacity on cables

– 2 post plate storage to keep weights off the floor

– Rotational core trainer attachment for bent over barbell rows and torosonator twist

Functional Trainer

It has a clever adjustable functional trainer pulley system. 16 levels of adjustment on the dual pulley system provide an unlimited amount of exercise from this station. Adjusting the pulleys from a high to the low position is super easy with the spring-loaded locking pin. The pulleys have a 270-degree swivel giving you a range of angels on the cable machine and the use of commercial sealed bearing pulleys makes the cable system super smooth and responsive.

The plate loaded pulley system provides an unlimited amount of weight that can be used. The heavy duty dual guide rails give you smooth travel and the super strong 95kg rating will give you enough weight for every cable exercise.

Counter-Balanced Smith Machine

The commercial counter balanced smith machine features a linear bearing construction with solid steel barbell and solid steel guide rods. Unlike cheaper alternatives, this smith machine has a bearing system that makes the barbell travel smooth and consistent. The Smith locking feature allows you to lock the barbell in any position giving you a greater safety and in case of an emergency the backup spotter arms stop the smith barbell from falling on the user.

Dip Station & Pull Up Bar

This machine comes with 2 dip attachments that are attached at the front of the machine. This dip station features dual handles with rubber coating and is full adjustable to 16 levels. The position of the dip handles allow you to use them with a resistance band to give you assistance when performing dips.

The pull up bar on the CBTPL has dual grip handles with rubber and a centre hook for band assisted pull ups. The super heavy frame allows you to perform pull ups & chin ups without worrying about the machine tipping over or shifting under your bodyweight.

Seated Row Station

The CBT-PL has a clever seated row station located in the center of the machine. It utilizes a 1:1 pulley ratio which gives you a true weight feel and does not reduce the weight on the pulley. The seated row station has a large foot plate to give you a great postion for rowing and uses the pro strength commercial sealed bearing pulleys for a smooth row feel.


2 x D-handles, bicep curl bar, lat pulldown bar and a functional trainer bar are all included with this machine. The machine also includes a rotational core trainer with t-bar row handles. Combine this with an Olympic barbell and you can perform many exercises including bent over rows and rotational torosonator core twists.

Key Features

– linear bearing smith machine

– Solid steel smith barbell 500lbs rating

– Commercial sealed bearing pulleys

– Adjustable dual cable pulleys with swivel cable tracking

– Seated row pulley foot plate anti-slip plate

– High tensile bolts maximum strength

– premium powder coating anti-rust protection

– post plate storage

– dual post plate loaded pulley system up to 95kg

– Either Olympic size or Standard size Weights Suit

Assembly Dimensions

1.65m x 1.8m x 2.30m




Q: Does M1 take olympic weights or standard

A: Hi there are adopter sleeves included, which allows both sizes of weights.

Q: Is this assembled, if not is that hard to assemble?

A: It’s flat packed for transport and its not easy to put them together, you can email us for a installation video that help you a lot.

Q: Where do we ship to?

A: We are shipping to all the area including VIC, ACT, NSW,QLD, WA and TAS. There may be an extra cost for countryside.

Q: Is there any warranty?

A: We do offer a 10 years for the frame and 1 year for the parts.

Q: What is the size of the rack

A: Its 230x120x165cm

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