Squat Cage Power Rack Home Gym – SmartFit P1 Machine with attachment


【Variable Positions with 4 Safety Supports Bar】

【High Density Rubber Grip Chin Up/Pull Up Bars】

【Included a Lat Pull-Down dip station and Low Row Attachment】

【All-in-one Exercise Station】

【Either Olympic size or Standard size Weights Suit】


Available on back-order



  • 【Variable Positions with 4 Safety Supports Bar】Our barbell training station equips with 4 durable electroplate solid steel weight bar supports, compatible with 6′ and 7′ Olympic bar. Among them are 2pc of J-shaped support hooks with weight capacity of 300kg and 2pc of dual mounted safety bars with each set combined weight capacity of 300kg. Multiple position holes makes adjustable height, allows you to lift heavy weights safely and store barbells tidily.
  • 【High Density Rubber Grip Chin Up/Pull Up Bars】Made of 28 inches long solid steel bar, diameter of 2 inches with a weight capacity of 150kg. Well trained your upper back, shoulder and arm muscles.
  • 【Included a Lat Pull-Down dip station and Low Row Attachment】 included two electroplate solid plate loading carriage, a electroplate sliding pulley, a solid lat pull down grip bar and a low row grip bar. Plate loading lat pull down offers a full range of shoulder motion while the low row pulley can be used for seated rows, upright rows and curls by using the foam cross bar. Helps to build a wider, beefier Back and/or stronger and bigger Biceps and Triceps.
  • 【All-in-one Exercise Station】4 muscle-sculpting workout stations, include pull-up, incline/supine presses, lat pull-down low row and dip station. Well trained your military, chest, back, arm and legs muscles. A great space saving unit for every home gym to target and strengthen core muscles in your humble abode with this full cage home workout system.
  • 【Torsonator™ – T-Bar Handle】



1. Both Olympic and standard size weights can be fit.


Barbell hooks: 300kg


Barbell safeties: 300kg


High and low pulleys: 95kg

Pack Size:  215x20x30




Q: Does P1 take olympic weights or standard

A: Hi there are adopter sleeves included, which allows both sizes of weights.

Q: Is this assembled, if not is that hard to assemble?

A: It’s flat packed for transport and its very easy to put them together.

Q: Where do we ship to?

A: We are shipping to all the area including VIC, ACT, NSW,QLD, WA and TAS. There may be an extra cost for countryside.

Q: Is there any warranty?

A: We do offer a 10 years for the frame and 1 year for the parts.

Q: What is the size of the rack

A: Its 200x115x140cm

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